Representative Payee

The Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance’s Representative Payee Program is designed to ensure that individuals who are unable to manage their own finances are able to get the help they need to maintain their independent lifestyle. For more information about this program please email us at or call 610-775-3000 to speak with someone in our Representative Payee Department.

For more information on the Social Security Administration’s use of representative payees, click here.

Using your PEX Card in your digital wallet

The individuals who are in our Rep Payee program have been using the PEX Card system since July 2020. The PEX Card is a prepaid card that can be used anywhere a credit or debit card can be used. Now, our Rep Payee participants can add their PEX Card to their digital wallet. Click here for information on mobile payments with the PEX Card. Click here for information on how to add your PEX Card to your digital wallet.